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Augment Wealth is established with a vision of catering to the financial goals of Australians, whilst proving seamless services to them that are based on the high standards of investments set by us as a result of our success journey. We understand the nitty-gritty of the market exceptionally well and work hand in hand with Investors, Property Developers, and Property Marketers, to make successful and informed decisions.

Our journey has been exciting and clearly demonstrates the depth of services that we bring to our clients.

The team at Augment Wealth works towards a common goal of helping people achieve financial freedom at a later stage of their lives through the means of investing in the real estate industry.

We not only lay emphasis on providing customer-oriented services, but also aim at inspiring and educating people to take immediate action to build wealth and secure their financial future.

As we are consistent with doing so, we continue to expand our horizons and strive to deliver beyond the expected for many years to come.

Our Mission

To inspire, educate and help people to take action to build wealth through making wise investments in property.

Augment Story

Augment Group is one of the top property investment firms and project marketing agencies with an experience of selling billion dollars’ worth in Australia. We maintain a huge portfolio of active sellers within Australia and buyers from around the world. As a one-stop-shop to all your property investment needs, we proudly endorse ourselves as the market leaders in the field.

Augment Wealth is established with a passion to help as many people achieve their financial dreams through wise investments in the real estate market of the country.

The cornerstone of our company is trust, and we continue to earn it by being a support system for our clients whilst understanding the dynamic real estate industry.

We define success as a combination of personal and financial fulfillment. Our desire is to help you chart a course to financial freedom, by taking the time to know your requirements, thereby tailoring a bespoke strategy for your personal circumstance and aspirations to define and help you reach your financial goals. We recognised that most people take the view of achieving financial security at some point, but rarely do they have a plan in place to fulfill their goal, let alone achieving it.

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