Abhishek Seth



Mr. Abhishek Seth started his successful financial services journey in 2012. He is best known for his high conviction, strategic investment ideas formulated from consistently liaising with listed and unlisted companies, policymakers and regulators. Abhishek brings a wealth of knowledge together with an in-depth understanding of the loan process, end to end. He works closely with his clients to full-fill their dreams of owing a home or investing in the property market. Since the inception of his career he has written over MILLIONS of DOLLARS OF business. With his passion for real estate and in-depth knowledge of finance, he is always keen to help anyone wanting to progress towards achieving their financial goals whether it is through buying their first home or buying an investment property.

He believes in sustainable market growth and works on all details of every project. He had undertaken some very complex projects in the past and have successfully delivered them. Mr Seth is well respected for his business acumen and strong investor relationship. He heavily invests in his own projects as he believes in his projects – most of his projects have financially over performed.

In 2016 Mr Seth founded Augment Group of companies so he could extend his services to wider business. His relentless enthusiasm, passion and delivering unparalleled service to his client had made Augment Group a very well-known brand Australia wide.


Phone : 1800 AUGMENT
Email : admin@augmentwealth.com.au